December 16, 2021

PNP-SAF – The Communist Terrorist Group treacherously attacked the personnel of PNP-Special Action Force who are doing Humanitarian Activities in Brgy. Del Rosasrio, Matuguinao, Samar on December 15, 2021.

The attack against the government troops resulted to the wounding of two (2) PNP-SAF personnel and an innocent civilian. As of this writing, the wounded personnel are still awaiting Medical Evacuation but are in stable condition after being applied with immediate medical aid.

Matuguinao, a 5th class municipality in Samar is among the beneficiary of SAF’s sustainable program for community development. The SAF personnel had long been in the area, bringing livelihood and providing basic humanitarian services to the community. When the CTGs attacked, personnel from SAF were helping the community in preparing for the upcoming typhoon “Odette” such as fortification of houses, early harvest of crops, removal of hazard prone structures and pre-emptive evacuation of residents who are living in hazard prone areas.

          Clearly, the said attack is a stark violation of the Protocol 2 of the Geneva Convention which protects the welfare of the people who are not in any way involve in the armed conflict such as those recipients of humanitarian aids. The CTGs, had, time and again deliberately disregards this international statute just to further their crooked and losing ideology at the expense of poor communities.

          However, PNP-SAF will remain committed to working with other government agencies in ensuring that communities will be afforded with essential aids.  On the other hand, PNP-SAF’s effort to eliminate the threats of CTGs will always remain as one of its major concerns.