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   The Urban Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Course, also known as Sureshock, is one of the course offered exclusively by the SAF. It is especially designed to enable police officers to respond to crises and terrorist incident in mostly urban situations. With Sureshock, students master modern anti-terrorist methods such as how to conduct hostage rescue operations even aboard as aircraft and /or moving vehicles. They imbibe interventions. They learn, for instance, how to breach or rappel to enter an assault area from above, and extricate hostages safely. Further still, the expertise of SAF troopers with firearms are honed so that they are able to handle these with deadly accuracy, speed, and care. The close-quarters battle is the trademark of the Sureshock. Conducted almost always amid smoke, darkness, and deadly fumes while fully outfitted and armed, a team or teams of SAF troopers clear a building systematically and methodically. This approach can be either covert or done is absolute silence where commands are given through hand signals, or it could be dynamic, as in assault conducted in the midst of a raging firefight.

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