Among the various trainings that the SAF offers, the Basic Airborne Course is the best acid test for courage and physical strength. The Airborne is a tradition in the SAF, a different kind of training that forces SAF troopers to face their deepest psychological and physical fear, and conquer them. Airborne students are taught to jump off an aircraft flying at 1,500 feet above sea level, and seven week of the two-months training period are devoted to rigorous exercises and drills that prepare their physique to withstand the impact of severe falls. Armed with packs and Kevlar, and full SAF training camouflage, students must rouse at odd hours of the night to run 10 kilometers, spend the entire daylight hours in studying and practicing falling and dropping techniques and how to precisely maneuver their bodies so they could drop within the range of their target areas during the jump. Finally, during jump week, students board a light plane in full jump gear, queue in the jump area, sing the “Airborne Song” while sweating profusely, and then jump, hands over the toggle that will open their canopies, and then after an exhilarating drop, land safely on their feet.

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