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     As the Special Action Force adapts to the changes that are needed by the prevailing times, so does the SAF Commando Course. Updates and adjustments are constantly introduced in the proper training the SAF Trooper to become an even more potent force to reckon with in the government’s consistent and forceful counter-terrorism and anti-insurgency campaigns.

     The Commando Course was first called the SAF Operation Course when the training was conducted for Classes 1 through 9 until 1995, when it became known as the SAF Commando, a historical course that now boasts a total of over 61 classes graduated over the years.

     Throughout the years, the scope of training of the Commando Course has also evolved to include subjects that were previously not taught but are now deemed important in our pursuit of excellence. The Close Quarter Battle and Intelligence Phases were taught as an orientation module which will only be taught in full once a trooper undergo a separate specialization course which is the Urban Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Course.

     The present Commando training program now includes Internal Security Operations, Waterborne Rescue, Police Intervention, Barangay Module, Operational Testing, and Field Training Exercise, to be taken up in the four months of training prior to the test mission that will be held for one month. The course was designed to give the troopers combat capability in both rural and urban areas in response to calls for help in time of emergencies and crisis. Furthermore, the new Commando Course aims no only to provide skill to SAF Troopers but virtue as well, by developing their character through the fostering of discipline, righteousness, and respect.

     With the growing threats from different criminal and terrorist groups, and with danger mounting, it is imperative that each and every SAF Trooper is well trained and knowledgeable of the tactics employed by the enemy. They must learn how to adapt to the problems that come their way during each operation and turn every unfavorable situation into something that can be use for future victory. The Commando Course not only provides the required knowledge and skills to SAF Personnel but also develops officers into well-rounded, effective, and efficient leaders. The SAF Trooper is expected to be at e forefront of danger at times that are not of their own choosing and in places they are not familiar with. But even so, with the help of the definitive Commando Course, we can expect the SAF Trooper to deliver despite great odds. This is the dedication and commitment of the SAF Training School and the SAF Commando Course.

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