April 29, 2022

CAMP BAGONG DIWA, Taguig City – Fernando Cagas Y Comawas a.k.a. “Ka Jerome,” a former rebel designated as Team Leader of Squad Dos, Platoon “Kawkaw,” and Junilio Arcala Y Vallar a.k.a. “Ka Eleasar,” member of Squad Uno, Platoon “Kingdom”, all from Guerilla Front 4A, NEMRPC surrendered to the joint elements of CIDG PFU-RIZAL; 3SAB, PNP-SAF; RIU-Rizal; and Rizal PPO at CIDG PFU-RIZAL Office, San Isidro, Antipolo City, Rizal last April 25, 2022. They turned-in one Cal. 45 Pistol with four rounds of ammunition, one Cal. 38 Revolver, and two rounds of live 40mm grenade ammunition.

Cagas claimed, “Hiding for so long has affected not just ourselves but also our family we love the most,” whilst Arcala desired to restore the life he has lost in supporting the communist cause.

Meanwhile, SAF urged other members of the terrorist organization to surrender and make up for their lost time. Both Cagas and Arcala were temporarily placed under the custody of CIDG PFU-Rizal for documentation and proper disposition.